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Our world-class logistics for events and shows will ensure that your trade show or event booth design fulfils your expectations, and more.

Creating a booth with wow-factor would not be possible without outstanding logistics services. Every element, from storage through drayage, construction and power sources needs to be considered to make sure that a booth has the desired impact. At CDI World USA, our skilled teams take care of every element of logistics for events, leaving you to concentrate on the trade show or event in hand.


Thanks to our global connections, our logistics services extend beyond local reach; we can coordinate the dispatch and construction of identical booths simultaneously across locations while handling specific geographic challenges or coordinate the transport of specific modules from one region to another. This includes accommodating the health and safety requirements of different regions, as well as accounting for location-specific needs, such as power sources and accessibility.

Our extensive experience working with clients around the globe has led to us developing excellent collaborative partnerships with world-class agencies and services. This means that we have access to additional support and resources where and when they may be needed, meeting unexpected demands with minimal disruption to the planned workflow.

By considering logistics at every stage of the design and build process, CDI World USA’s teams ensure that your booth is built to meet your needs and your design team’s vision, unhindered by practical obstructions such as irregular booth dimensions, drayage logistics, or time constraints.

A common challenge is the need for a booth that looks stylish and delivers on function, but which can be moved and reconstructed easily when needed. This was one of the specifications when we created a pop-up booth for a leading designer brand in New York. The brief was to construct a temporary area that reflected the luxury brand’s understated elan. A five-week lead time added to the challenge that our designers and logistics teams rose to. The resulting pop-up store featured laminated sheeting embellished with gold foil, a steel counter and sleek lighting. As sales far exceeded targets, the initial term was extended, and our construction held up to the high footfall and consumer demands with ease.

When it comes to creating booths and event stands that stand out, teamwork really makes the dream work. Our carpenters and builders work closely with our designers or external design agencies to ensure that every part of the chain is aware of the product brief and the vision. Where possible, the same team members are responsible for booth creation, construction, and logistics, further streamlining the process and mitigating potential delays or logistical challenges.

Our logistics services extend beyond the lifecycle of one event; upon completion, our teams carefully deconstruct, clean and repair modules before securely storing them until they are next needed. In the case of modular booths, each module is separately stored so that it can be accessed quickly and easily for a range of events of differing sizes across locations. When required, these modules can be ordered via our Portables portal, thereby streamlining future events, and adding further value to your investment.

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